Russia has used signal jammers to stop American drones

U.S. military officials say Russia’s jamming technology has wreaked havoc on U.S. drone operations in Syria. Russia’s latest drone jammer are powerful enough to stop any drone from operating in an effective range.

Last week, that u. s. national broadcast company news report that Russia was cautious about a u. s. retaliatory raid on the Syrian regime, after a toxic gas attack on civilians in duma, near the city of damagos. The attack killed at least 42 people, including many children, and wounded hundreds more. Ť his use of chemical weapons is considered a war crime, by multiple international treaty bans.

Drones use GPS technology to navigate. Breaking the connection between the uav and its controller may be simple enough to point the “Dronekiller” device into the vicinity of the uav and “fire” the radio wave. Waves disrupt signals and cause drone operators to lose control. Larger predators and reaper drones are said to have been unaffected, but smaller drones have been adversely affected.

The U.S. military has refused to confirm whether any of its drones have crashed because Russian jammers cited operational security.

Russia denies using the technology.

Yevgeny Serebrennikov, deputy chairman of the Russian defense and security council, was quoted as denying that the country’s forces had used drone interceptor technology.

“This is more misinformation from the us media, which has been happening a lot lately. Russia has insisted that its actions, including in Syria, only in accordance with the international treaty, this action actually could not have happened, “he said.

Are military drones protected against signal interference?

Although American drones equipped with anti-jamming technology, but NBC quoted U.S. officials as saying that the destruction of the Russian technology “is very complex, even for some encrypted signal and the anti-jamming receiver is effective.”

How to break a military drone reconnaissance?

Recent news reports, the Syrian war situation in danger, the United States, France and Britain 14 hundred missile launch, aim at the department of defense, the term “Syria three chemical weapons facilities, in order to revenge on April 7 for duma town suspected chemical weapons attacks. Western nations blamed the Syrian government for the attack. The Syrian government and Russia have denied involvement in any such attacks.

Although we are in the era of peace, many countries are still in the midst of war, and the situation in Syria is a typical example. Even in a peaceful environment, we should have a sense of well-being. Drones have become important military weapons in numerous military attacks or terrorist attacks. With the development of uav technology, more and more attacks are being carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles. In these attacks, how can we protect our personal safety? There will be a professional counter system for military defense, or a drone jamming system. So what kind of counter equipment should be used to protect the environment in People’s Daily life? In the same way, high-end drone jammer can be used to block remote drones and to intercept them outside the safe areas.

The development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), make it widely used in the military activities, on the question of the situation in Syria, and the western countries have used powerful military drones, it has carried on the missile strikes, to Syria caused serious casualties, if Syria have more advanced equipment, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) jammer, GPS satellite positioning jammer, etc., so they will be very good to block these signals, missiles and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) cannot find the correct flight. The military threat to Russia’s security, Russian President vladimir putin says drones jammers after purchase will be a comprehensive environment protection, this is one of the most important thing right now.

Military uav reconnaissance is one of the important way of intelligence, intelligence of military activities for against the two sides are part of the extremely important, so for military uav reconnaissance will also adopt many measures to prevent, then the military is how to break the uav reconnaissance? Of course, it USES the most professional powerful drone jammer system.

Drones in war-stricken countries fear of attack, in order to protect the safety of the surrounding environment, no longer suffered a drone strikes, use spear drones jammers can be shooting from the air, it is necessary to the security of their own, I think Syria can consider to buy from our shop is the most powerful drones jammers to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment.