jammers can effectively block noise

To protect your daily life from interference, we recommend using drone jammer. This device can not only block the general 2.4 GHz radio frequency, but also the nearest 5.8 GHz radio frequency. This jammer can be as high as 1500 meters and can even shoot down high-altitude drones.

Drones are fun, but they can also disrupt our daily lives. The ubiquitous noise and the annoyance of spy cameras and even weapons.In order to intercept drones, police and armed forces are conducting experiments from eagle to laser. At the Davos Economic Forum, the answer is neither capturing poultry nor directional light: it is the radio frequency generated by the antenna and directed towards the drone.

Although most markets still use 4G networks, 5G is the mainstream signal in the future and will soon occupy the market. With the greatly improved transmission speed, whether in life or work, the utilization rate of 5G has greatly increased. Our company has always put the development of 5G jammers in a central position, which is essential to keep up with the times and adapt to market changes and demands.In addition, 5G is more powerful than 4G in anti-interference. Many people worry about the ideal destructive effect. Please rest assured that our latest 5G jammer can ensure your specific safety.

UHF and VHF are low frequency bands (140-180 MHz, 450-480 MHz), and many electronic devices we use every day use them without thinking about it. For example, walkie-talkies use these frequencies to operate. The two-way radio that neighbors’ keen children talk to when they hide in the basement also uses UHF and VHF frequencies. However, with these signals, not only low-frequency radio communications work. If you want to interfere with these frequencies, you need a rugged desktop UHF FM jammer.

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