The plane will cover the wifi network

The development of wifi network is not only reflected in many stores, most people’s homes, your work area, even public places, and there is wi-fi coverage on mount Everest. The international space station is covered with wi-fi. The arctic has wi-fi. In the context of wifi sweeping the world, can you imagine where there is no wifi?

The answer, of course, is that people who have been on the plane should know that many airlines now have no wifi on their planes, and many airlines ban mobile phones. But recent news shows that more and more airlines will allow the use of mobile phones on the plane, this is a leap forward development of aviation technology, make more and more people can use mobile phone, on the road has lift air travel for a long time of boring.

We know that on-board wifi is one of the things we’ve already done, and recent news shows that the popularity of aviation wifi is about to be applied this summer. The New aircraft wi-fi network in Europe – European aeronautical network (EAN). The system combines existing satellite coverage with ground 4 g LTE networks to dojo.provide faster – and more reliable WiFi coverage for flights operating in The European Union.

The coverage of a wifi network on a plane is really good news for those who find it boring on the trip. For business people who have long been traveling to their classes, the flight hours are a rare break, and they naturally don’t want to be disturbed. There is no doubt that many people will use wifi to access the Internet and do some relevant things, such as mobile games and video. A slightly uncivilized person will therefore have an impact on others’ rest. Of course, wifi coverage also makes it easier for some people to work on a plane. In a word, the advantages and disadvantages should be seen by the people.

Whatever you want to do, the wifi jammer is the device you should have. It allows you to cut off the wi-fi information around you, not only at home, but also on flights, or on other occasions. A portable wifi jammer you should have. You’re tired of the noise the wifi network signals to your mobile phone, and you’re worried about wifi security, and it’s all great. For more information about the wifi jammer, please visit our store. .

Smartphone changed communication, the cell phone jammer stopped the phone work

Smartphones have changed people’s way of communication, by the beginning of the fixed telephone, intercom, bb machine, mobile phone, and now the ultra-thin smartphones after generations of mobile phone upgrade, the function of the phone to conduct a comprehensive upgrade, have the same function with the PC. Smartphones have changed people’s habits and lifestyles.

In the beginning, the communication method was backward, and the time needed for communication was basically long, and the amount of money spent was much. With the popularity of smart phones, it has brought great convenience to people’s communication methods. Video has replaced the previous SMS communication and voice communication. For relatives who are thousands of miles away, friends can see each other’s faces and see each other’s smiles. This is undoubtedly a milestone in the history of communication.

Although the popularity of smart phones has brought many conveniences to people’s living habits, at the same time, troubles will follow. Excessive use of mobile phones, the use of mobile phones caused by the noise is an urgent need to solve the problem. Smartphones have not only changed the way they communicate, they have changed people’s habits to some extent. And the generation of cell phone jammer is the interference of mobile phone, reduce the change of mobile phone to life habit.

Mobile phone has changed the way of communication, changed people’s way of life, children used mobile phone to play games, addicted to the network, neglected the importance of learning. Students in the classroom use of mobile phones, the teacher in class schedule is interrupted, thinking cohesion, it is bad for students’ future, students use mobile phone is on their own irresponsible, parent is not responsible for, is irresponsible for the future. Therefore, the mobile phone jammer will stop the function of the smart phone so that people can put down their mobile phones and return to the normal real life and not be addicted to the virtual network world.

Smartphones have changed the world, and mobile jammers have shut down smartphones. Choosing a portable phone jammer from this category to stop your phone’s work is a question that you need to consider when your lifestyle is back to normal.

The U.S. air force drill may be a GPS failure

If your GPS navigation system this month in the west of the road trip can’t accurate navigation, so there are two reasons, one is your GPS navigation system is broken, another possibility is that the air force’s GPS signal jammer.

In 2018 January 26 solstice during February 16, the U.S. air force will regularly in the western states blockade GPS signals over a large area, and military “one set of the primary air military game a” red flag 18-1. Use a powerful GPS jammer system to completely block GPS signals in the area.

Drones are part of our future! Let drones fly, but if a drone is in the wrong hands, we need to address a huge security threat.

U.S. government hunt reveals the unmanned aerial vehicle detection system planning in urban set to create a system to track down suspicious unmanned aerial vehicle DARPA low-flying unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in large cities the platform will be using unmanned aircraft and sensor behind a suspicious vehicle nodes will cover 70000 miles, costs less than $10000.

The red flag exercise is an advanced large-scale military training series of activities to meet and improve the real-time operational conditions of simulation pilots and weapon system officials. Every year since 1975, the U.S. air force has held a red flag meeting, a major military activity aimed at military drills. The exercise took place at a series of weeklong meetings at the Ellis air force base outside Las Vegas.

The global positioning system has become an important part of modern technology. The power failure is designed to challenge air and weapon personnel to be familiar with alternative navigation technologies in realistic combat conditions. GPS technology is widely used in military, the GPS signal has very important meaning for military, this may involve a survival of the army, so very much pay attention to the exercise of the American air force.

Exercise this year is the red flag 42 years one of the biggest games in history, in addition to the U.S. air force, including from the United States Marine corps, the United States trust Allies and British aircraft and crew. It shows how much the United States values the exercise.

How will this exercise affect civilians? Flying Mag, according to a report by the global positioning system of a power outage will be extended to include California, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana and new Mexico, in some states around air force base in Nevada, do not match the GPS access may result in the plane. Ground vehicles.

“We are using the red flag 18-1 to try something new and different,” said col. Michael Mathes, commander of the 414th combat training squadron. “This is the largest red flag ever, highlighting the balance between training efficiency and task efficiency.”

During the exercise, GPS signals in the exercise area will be disturbed, and if you find that your mobile navigation is not accurate, it will be affected by them.

For using GPS signal equipment, such as mobile phones, smart watches, intelligent bracelet and so on, also may not work properly, if you are in the Shadowed by GPS tracker, you’re lucky, you can in a short period of time to avoid the GPS tracking. In fact, if you are tracked, you can also use a GPS jammer device.

Concept and characteristics of UHF/VHF jammer

UHF, or UHF, refers to the frequency of radio waves at 300MHZ to 3000MHZ. This is the highest frequency used in television broadcasting. UHF is widely used in walkie-talkie, bluetooth, wireless network, mobile phone, close communication fields such as military radio.

VHF (VHF), short for VHF, refers to the frequency of radio waves of 30 MHZ to 300 NHZ. VHF is higher than HF (high frequency) but lower than UHF. VHF is mainly used for radio and television, as well as aviation and navigation channel of communication. According to the characteristics of uhf and VHF, we have developed uhf/VHF jammer.

UHF/VHF jamming machine is specially designed for use in a specific frequency range block communication channel, is widely applied in specific areas. In UHF/VHF jammer, solved the radio frequency (rf) and radio frequency unexpected sound interference, wireless network, to ensure that the broadcast and the security of aviation safety.
Please brief us on our cheap UHF/VHF jammer. These are actually scrambler signals WIFI GSM 3G GPS uhf VHF mobile phone signal intercepts GPS locator.

They are newly developed UHF/VHF fixators. They are strong interference power allows them to stop any form of radio UHF/VHF two-way radio, audio error and remote control for 10 seconds. Their maximum barrier can reach a radius of 40 meters. In addition, their perfect heat dissipation allows them to be used indefinitely.

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Talk about the future of 5G technology

Now every telecom company is releasing more news about 5G signals in advance. The news and promotion of 5G signals will not surprise many people, as the mobile world congress takes place and changes from consumer performance to business activity.

There is so much news on the Internet about 5G signals, which makes 5G so fabulous, but is 5G really the change of signal network? This issue was discussed by ZDNet and the leaders of the field, who focused on the impact of 5G on data collection, storage, processing and application, and interaction with cloud and AI. See here you can know the future 5G will be involved in how broad field, also know that 5G is so powerful, will let so many telecommunication companies to study development vigorously.

Will 5g network faster?

Usually we are concerned about the speed of network speed, so 5G will make our network faster? Of course, the sales of 5G are mainly focused on improving the advantages of network speed. But network speed is the key to edge analysis and smart use cases, such as the Internet of things and self-driving cars?

Sierra Wireless is a global leader in the Internet of business, with products for utilities, smart meters, and PCS and tablets to vehicles. The speed of the web is good, but what are the benefits of getting more data if you’re doing something careless about it? At a time when the Mesosphere has been heralded as a technology pioneer by the world economy BBS, its chief executive has mentioned something in marginal computing and autonomous/connected cars. Most of the Mesosphere is the company behind DC/OS, one of the top platforms for building, deploying, and resiliently extending modern applications and big data. Speed is not the point. One thing that can change is reliability. That’s what the CEO of Scale, Alexandr Wang, thinks.

“In the case of low network speed, the communication service provider must proceed to the edge computing device for data cleansing, cleaning and optimization near mobile terminal devices. The edge network is faster and can provide more data for high-density environments, thus achieving the evolution of use cases involving edge analysis and intelligence. ”

Reliability is critical.

The car is becoming a large computer on the wheel and is equipped with many sensors, such as lidar. The laser radar sensor emits a light pulse and measures the reflection back to determine the distance between objects, creating an accurate 3D map of the environment around the car. These sensors and other necessary systems, such as GPS, lead to estimates that each autonomous vehicle will produce and consume approximately 4TB of data every eight hours.

“Most self-driving vehicles are in the development of the technology, and to minimize the connectivity of the Internet, most of the time they report to the Internet while driving specific statistical data, but the algorithm and map has been loaded into the car in advance, I don’t think the Internet speed is a huge limiting factors, unless it becomes more reliable”.

Future self-driving automobile application technology will be a lot of, including the now say about 5 g, also must use the other GPS technology, need GPS for car to provide accurate location, to keep the safety of the autopilot is higher. The application of 5G technology is likely to be interfered with by a variety of factors, such as the magnetic field, just as GPS signals are disrupted by GPS blocker jammer.

Scale is the manufacturer of the Sensor Fusion Annotation API for lidar and radar point cloud data, providing power for self-driving cars, drones, maps, etc. Scale provides training data for some of the world’s most advanced automotive companies, such as general cruise, English alphabet, Uber and Honda. Wang added:

“The biggest problem is the reliability of the connection, and if the car depends on the cloud processing steps, there will be a failure to connect and potentially compromise passenger safety.

5G connectivity must prove highly reliable in testing to convince any car manufacturer that they can rely on it in any real world environment. It must be cheap, reliable and fast. Quick features to provide value without causing delay processing time.