The plane will cover the wifi network

The development of wifi network is not only reflected in many stores, most people’s homes, your work area, even public places, and there is wi-fi coverage on mount Everest. The international space station is covered with wi-fi. The arctic has wi-fi. In the context of wifi sweeping the world, can you imagine where there is no wifi?

The answer, of course, is that people who have been on the plane should know that many airlines now have no wifi on their planes, and many airlines ban mobile phones. But recent news shows that more and more airlines will allow the use of mobile phones on the plane, this is a leap forward development of aviation technology, make more and more people can use mobile phone, on the road has lift air travel for a long time of boring.

We know that on-board wifi is one of the things we’ve already done, and recent news shows that the popularity of aviation wifi is about to be applied this summer. The New aircraft wi-fi network in Europe – European aeronautical network (EAN). The system combines existing satellite coverage with ground 4 g LTE networks to dojo.provide faster – and more reliable WiFi coverage for flights operating in The European Union.

The coverage of a wifi network on a plane is really good news for those who find it boring on the trip. For business people who have long been traveling to their classes, the flight hours are a rare break, and they naturally don’t want to be disturbed. There is no doubt that many people will use wifi to access the Internet and do some relevant things, such as mobile games and video. A slightly uncivilized person will therefore have an impact on others’ rest. Of course, wifi coverage also makes it easier for some people to work on a plane. In a word, the advantages and disadvantages should be seen by the people.

Whatever you want to do, the wifi jammer is the device you should have. It allows you to cut off the wi-fi information around you, not only at home, but also on flights, or on other occasions. A portable wifi jammer you should have. You’re tired of the noise the wifi network signals to your mobile phone, and you’re worried about wifi security, and it’s all great. For more information about the wifi jammer, please visit our store. .

Concept and characteristics of UHF/VHF jammer

UHF, or UHF, refers to the frequency of radio waves at 300MHZ to 3000MHZ. This is the highest frequency used in television broadcasting. UHF is widely used in walkie-talkie, bluetooth, wireless network, mobile phone, close communication fields such as military radio.

VHF (VHF), short for VHF, refers to the frequency of radio waves of 30 MHZ to 300 NHZ. VHF is higher than HF (high frequency) but lower than UHF. VHF is mainly used for radio and television, as well as aviation and navigation channel of communication. According to the characteristics of uhf and VHF, we have developed uhf/VHF jammer.

UHF/VHF jamming machine is specially designed for use in a specific frequency range block communication channel, is widely applied in specific areas. In UHF/VHF jammer, solved the radio frequency (rf) and radio frequency unexpected sound interference, wireless network, to ensure that the broadcast and the security of aviation safety.
Please brief us on our cheap UHF/VHF jammer. These are actually scrambler signals WIFI GSM 3G GPS uhf VHF mobile phone signal intercepts GPS locator.

They are newly developed UHF/VHF fixators. They are strong interference power allows them to stop any form of radio UHF/VHF two-way radio, audio error and remote control for 10 seconds. Their maximum barrier can reach a radius of 40 meters. In addition, their perfect heat dissipation allows them to be used indefinitely.

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