i suggest you try a jammer

Prison authorities have installed a large number of high-power cell phone jammer equipment in Bobasin prison to prevent prisoners from illegally using mobile phones. The installation of equipment to prevent prison calls meets very strict standards in order to avoid interference with communication networks outside the prison. signal jammer are designed to disable phones in certain areas. They block reception and mobile radio waves, which will prevent communication between mobile devices and relay antennas.According to some experts, new cell phone blockers will reduce traffic accidents.

Test externally installed high-power gps jammer  that intercept drone flights. When the enemy uses unmanned aerial vehicles, we use radio jamming technology to destroy the signal. The jammer was developed with an antenna. Try to generate various interference signals. Smart phone jammers have good performance. If radio waves close to the frequency band are emitted, radio interference can occur.You can use it in your daily life and take it anywhere with you, blocking all radio signals in a specific area.You can do this easily, completely quiet down and sleep peacefully.

As living standards improve, health issues become more important. In daily life, with the propagation and diversification of radio waves such as smartphones, mobile phones, wireless local area networks, wireless and IC tags, we worry that radio waves may be harmful to our bodies or the safety of radio waves Questioning sex. Signal interception equipment such as wifi jammer are widely used in many places. The most common is to prevent candidates from cheating at the test site. In fact, it applies not only to college entrance exams, but also to qualification exams, high school entrance exams, national exams, etc.

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