there are so many different kinds of jammers

Cellular interference refers to the scanning of low frequencies at a certain speed during the operation of the channel going to the high end. This scanning speed will ensure that the mobile phone receives SMS signals, scrambled interference appears, the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent by the base station, naturally unable to establish a connection with the base station. Once the jammers have started working, the mobile phone will appear to search for the network, no signal, no service system and other phenomena.

A cell phone jammer is exactly what it looks like. These are devices designed to block the transmission of the mobile phone or interrupt the reception of the mobile phone. They work by creating a mobile phone jammer in the frequency range used by the mobile phone, with the direct effect of interrupting the communication between the phone user and the cell phone tower. The Professional Phone Jammers were originally developed for law enforcement and the military in order to scramble communications between criminals and terrorists.

According to the detection shows that the intensity of the electromagnetic signal emitted by the jammer meets the national standard for the health of the environmental electromagnetic wave, and the signal emitted is relatively small and will not cause damage to the human body. , the device has damaged only the reception conditions of the device, so the device and the base station cannot be connected normally. So we know that the Drone Jammer will not damage the device itself. In general, the outer signal is greater than the inner signal, so the outer shielding effect is worse. Strictly speaking, whether indoors or outdoors, the actual interception distance is related to the environment, such as the distance between the different base stations, the location of the installation, etc.

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