can jammers solve the noise problem?

In order to prohibit students from using mobile phones, schools usually use jammers to cheat. For safety and management, prisons can also use powerful jammers to prohibit prisoners, communicate with the outside world and reduce threats to the prison. The interference will transmit a high-power signal at the same frequency as the mobile phone, causing the two signals to collide and cancel. This is the basic working principle of any jammer. Simple devices will only block one set of frequencies. If used correctly, mobile jammers are definitely beneficial. Regardless of the environment, those who continue to talk over the phone may eventually remain silent.

These are some questions we collected a few days ago. First of all, can smartphones be immune to interference from cell phone jammer? This is completely unnecessary. Mobile intelligence does not mean that it can only use the frequency band of the signal. Only in terms of hardware and software, the functions of the machine are more diverse, but the frequency band of the communication network still used is the same as the frequency band of the signal. Many customers report that they want to stop using their phones in certain environments and worry about this risk, because powerful and smart phones will not be able to stop.

High-end equipment can block all frequencies at the same time. Mobile phones are full-duplex devices, which means they use two different frequencies. One listens, the other speaks. Some basic jammers can only block one of these frequencies. Advanced phone jammers will not only interfere with all cell phone signals, but also many other signals. It also has a unique frequency switch, which can be selected according to needs.The answer is yes, unless you use these types of signal spectrums, smart phones will use common signal frequencies and will not cause interference to the phone, but there seems to be no such technology.

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