privacy security is equally important

In the exam season each year, all parties begin to prepare for the exam. The invigilator has various tricks to prevent high-tech cheating. Among them, the special shielding device for the exam room is still an anti-jamming device. However, Foshan Shangkino, as a well-known manufacturer of signal jammer, reminds that there are many types of jammers, and the user should clarify his needs before purchasing, so as to avoid poor shielding effects and accidents in the examination room, and pay attention to the method of use. Correctness.

Most of the signal jammer devices are used in prisons, schools and factories. The scope is large and the shielding area is large, but the budget is still very limited. So the question is how to achieve the shielding effect with a limited budget, which means you How can you use less shielding devices and still achieve the desired shielding effect? ​​At this time, many businesses will let you increase your budget or give you cheap shielding devices.The cell phone jammer in many places is subject to man-made damage, such as prisons and student dormitories. If the power of the shielding device you buy is not enough, you can only put it on the surface, but it will often be destroyed if you put it in an invisible.

Nowadays, the Internet fills all corners of our lives, shopping, office, eating, car rides, etc…Almost all cannot do without the Internet, 4G signal is not satisfied, web page information cannot be displayed, watching videos, sending messages, playing games, etc. Frame dropping has also become a daily worry.In some places, the signal shielding will be incomplete due to insufficient power of the shielding device, causing unnecessary losses. So the placement position is especially important. This requires a lot of case experience to know. Many businesses on the market have no such experience.

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