do you hate talking on the phone in public?

The mobile phone integrates networking, social networking, shopping, entertainment and life. Mobile phones are inseparable from our lives. I suggest you try this method.There are many functions of a mobile phone, but if a mobile phone does not have a network, it is equivalent to a mobile phone without a soul. The network is the key to turn on the mobile phone, so the network and the speed of the network are what we need to pay attention to.We know that the network has a logo, and the quality of the network signal will be reflected on this. However, a lot of people have responded recently, why the network signal is full but the network speed is still very slow? What is the cause? Then we will briefly answer your questions today.

If an attacker uses this interference transmitter, it can be used to block the radio link of the surveillance camera or the window sensor of the alarm system. Alternatively, but also technically more difficult to solve, you can test the signal level, the strength of the radio signal. If a new strong radiation source is detected here, it may be an interfering transmitter.If the connection is interrupted, the cell phone jammer is active.Therefore, a broken connection must always be equivalent to an alarm. In addition, interference can be detected by continuously testing the radio connection between two components using a cable connection.

Recently, many people have reported that the 4G network may be slowed down. Some people even think that this is because the 5G network has arrived. However, more and more 4G network users continue to grow, then these users will gradually share your Internet speed, and the average Internet speed value will drop more and more. Then this state cannot be changed. 4G network users will only increase. But the mobile phone itself has a function that can optimize the network.This is forcing users to use the 5G network, so the 4G speed will be slowed down. However, the truth of the matter is not the case, and the real reason is that more and more users of the 4G network have caused the slowdown of the 4G network.

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